2nd Visions for Future Communications Summit

Technologies and Services Towards 6G

27th, 28th November 2019

ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon, Lisbon (Portugal)

Organized by Networld2020 with the support of 5G Infrastructure Association, European Commission and IEEE

Programme Structure

The event will be structured in the following way:

TimeDay 1 (November 27th, 2019) Morning Session
  • Maria de Lurdes Rodrigues (ISCTE),
  • Carlos Salema (IT),
  • Rui Luis Aguiar (NW2020)
  • 9h00-9h40
    Wireless Innovation for verticals beyond 5G
  • Markus Dillinger (Huawei) [PDF]
  • 9h40-11h10
    Exploring Physical Barriers
  • Ari Pouttu (U. Oulu) [PDF]
  • Henk Wymeersch (U. Chalmers) [PDF]
  • Joerg Widmer (IMDEA) [PDF]
  • Wen Xu (One5G, Huawei) [PDF]
  • 11h10-11h30Coffee Break
    Devices and Interfaces: what to explore?
  • Jorg-Peter Elbers (ADVA) [PDF]
  • Nuno Borges de Carvalho (IT) [PDF]
  • Rui Dinis (UNL) [PDF]
  • Andre Bourdoux (IMEC) [PDF]
  • Ahmed Kishk (IEEE, Concordia) [PDF]
  • 13h00-14h20Lunch
    TimeDay 1 (November 27th, 2019) Afternoon Session
    Giant Leap with Future X -- 5G evolution and beyond
  • Volker Ziegler (Nokia) [PDF]
  • 15h00-16h45
    Networks and Systems for 2030: views from other fora
  • Fuhimide Kojima (NICT) [PDF]
  • David Boswarthick (ETSI) [PDF]
  • Toerless Eckert (ITU-T, Futurewei) [PDF]
  • Shizhuo Zhao (CCSA) [PDF]
  • 16h45-17h10Coffee Break
    Controlling networks and advanced services
  • Arifur Rahman (IS-Wireless) [PDF]
  • Artur Hecker (Huawei) [PDF]
  • Jose Ordonez-Lucena (Telefonica) [PDF]
  • Raul Munoz (CCTC) [PDF]
  • 19h45-22h30Social Event
    DAY 2
    TimeDay 2 (November 28th, 2019) Morning Session
    Interplay Between Wireless Communications and AI Computing
  • KC Chen (USF) [PDF]
  • 9h40-11h00
    Global System Architectures and Tradeoffs
  • Alessandro Vanelli-Coralli (U. Bologna) [PDF]
  • Andrew Lord (BT) [PDF]
  • Latif Ladid (U. Luxembourg) [PDF]
  • Mohamed Faten Zhani (ETS Montreal) [PDF]
  • 11h00-11h40Coffee Break
    Smart Secure Systems
  • Emmanuel Dotaro (Thales) [PDF]
  • Josep Martrat (Atos)
  • Ovidiu Vermesan (Sintef)
  • Slawomir Stanczak (HHI) [PDF]
  • 13h00-14h15Lunch
    TimeDay 2 (November 28th, 2019) Afternoon Session
    14h15-14h45EU Challenges and Plans
  • Jorge Pereira (EC)
  • 14h45-15h30Workshop Summary and Next Steps
  • Session rapporteurs
  • 15h30-16h00Group Discussion: Smart Networks and Services
  • Intro: Werner Mohr (Nokia) [PDF]
  • 16h00-16h15Closing Session
  • Rui Aguiar (NW2020) and Jorge Pereira (EC)
  • Keynote Speakers

    Wireless Innovation for verticals beyond 5G




    Markus Dillinger (Huawei)

    Markus Dillinger was working in several positions for Siemens Networks and later Nokia Siemens for 2nd, 3rd and 4th mobile network generation research and product management for vertical customers from 1991-2010.

    In 2010 he joined Huawei Germany and was director for enterprise solutions for smart grid.

    In 2013 he has joined Huawei European Research Centre as Head of Wireless Internet Technologies where he runs private and public R&D programmes for e.g. car-to-car and automation supporting 3GPP standardization and normative work for the vertical industry.

    In September 2016 he was additionally appointed as Executive Committee member for the 5GAA and re-elected in following 2017 and 2019. He was the initiator of 5GAA within Huawei and since then leads the Munich team for their technical contributions to Working Groups and 3GPP.

    Today’s 5G constraint and need for B5G.

    Use cases and requirements for next decade on automotive and Industrial Automation

    Priority areas for research and technical components to achieve new requirements.

    Giant Leap with Future X -- 5G evolution and beyond




    Volker Ziegler, B5G Leadership, Nokia Bell Labs & CTO

    Volker is an energetic leader with 25+ years of broad and international experience in the telecommunications industry. He is known for his strong commitment to customer and team achievements. Throughout his career he has demonstrated an ability to meet and exceed targets through strong intellectual grasp, excellent leadership skills, and a strong focus on creating new opportunities and business development impact.

    In his position of Beyond 5G (B5G) leadership with Nokia Bell Labs, the industrial research and scientific development arm of Nokia, he leads Nokia digital transformation initiatives aimed at exploring and leveraging innovations with customers and partners in the ecosystem for the B5G era.

    2019 is the year of initial commercial 5G deployments in key markets worldwide. New dimensions of digital experience for consumers and enterprise with new paradigms of value creation are driven by Nokia Future X vision; it will allow communication service providers and enterprise to address new opportunities for growth and positive business impact. Standards and ecosystem evolution will continue for public and non-public networks alike, de-risking deployment and automating operations will be the key to long-term success in 5G. New horizons are emerging and the journey to a world beyond 5G has started with candidate technology exploration in research – to intertwine the physical and the digital worlds, with AI systems expanding human cognition.

    Interplay Between Wireless Communications and AI Computing




    Professor Kwang-Cheng Chen, IEEE Fellow

    Kwang-Cheng Chen has been a Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida, since 2016. From 1987 to 2016, Dr. Chen worked with SSE, Communications Satellite Corp., IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, National Tsing Hua University, HP Labs., and National Taiwan University in mobile communications and networks, and advised another two top fabless IC design companies and VCs. He founded a wireless IC design company, which was acquired by the MediaTek Inc. 3 years later. He has been actively involving in the organization of various IEEE conferences and serving editorships with a few IEEE journals (most recently as a series editor on Data Science and AI for Communications in the IEEE Communications Magazine, and as the Executive Chair, IEEE GLOBECOM 2020). Dr. Chen also has contributed essential technology to various international standards, namely IEEE 802 wireless LANs, Bluetooth, LTE and LTE-A, 5G-NR, and ITU-T FG ML5G. He has authored and co-authored over 300 IEEE publications, 4 books published by Wiley and River (most recently, Artificial Intelligence in Wireless Robotics, 2019), and more than 24 granted US patents (all licensed to industry). Dr. Chen is an IEEE Fellow and has received a number of awards including 2011 IEEE COMSOC WTC Recognition Award, 2014 IEEE Jack Neubauer Memorial Award, 2014 IEEE COMSOC AP Outstanding Paper Award. Dr. Chen’s current research interests include wireless networks, artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT/CPS, social networks and data analytics, and cybersecurity.

    When applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to wireless communications and networking emerges as the hottest subject in wireless technology, network-centric technology development may not reveal the holistic view of information communication technology innovation. We will examine from technology of integrated circuits and AI computing to explore potential key technologies for wireless, and their interplay.

    EU Challenges and Plans

    Jorge Pereira (EC)


    Vision of Future Communications Summit is a top-quality research workshop, with the support of IEEE, oriented to identify key research areas in informatin and communication technologies in the mid-future of 7 to 10 years. It will follow from the previous event held in 2017, considering that now 5G is upon us.


    The Summit will cover multiple research lines, roughly structured along Physical Layer, Network and Control Plane, and Applications and Services. Each research line will have a keynote speaker, and a set of sessions. All sessions will be organized as panels of distinguished speakers from academia, industry and High-level European Commission officials presenting their viewpoints on a subarea within each track. Panels will be oriented to encourage interaction among the panelists and between the panelists and the audience.

    The purpose of the Summit is not to show what each presenter knows, but to technically identify what would be promising and challenging to achieve, and will need work from our sector's professionals.

    Panels will be enriched with contributions from an open call to the community, and with sessions presenting long-term visions from different stakeholders.


    Based on the public presentations and contributions of the international experts, a white paper on seminal research directions for the communications field will be produced. This white paper will be widely distributed to the community, and will be used as input by the European Commission, ITU-T and other relevant stake holders as a contribution to mid-term research directions.

    In our past experience two years ago, the discussions have been very fruitful, and highlighted several areas which have been placed on the R&D roadmap in Europe and U.S. We do hope to have this year the same exciting time we had!

    Important Dates

    Venue Dates: 27th and 28th November 2019


    Steering Committee:

  • Rui Aguiar, Instituto de Telecomunicações and U. Aveiro
  • Heinrich Stüttgen, NEC Laboratories Europe
  • Ari Pouttu, University of Oulu
  • Jyrki Huusko, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Organization Committee:

  • Pedro Sebastião, ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa
  • Daniel Corujo, Instituto de Telecomunicações and U. Aveiro
  • Flávio Meneses, Instituto de Telecomunicações and U. Aveiro
  • José Quevedo, Instituto de Telecomunicações and U. Aveiro
  • Vitor Cunha, Instituto de Telecomunicações and U. Aveiro
  • Venue

    The Visions for Future Communications Summit will be held at the "Anfiteatro JJ Laginha" of the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL). ISCTE-IUL is located in Lisbon Center, close to the Entrecampos train and metro stations.


    Gold Sponsor:


    Portugal Chapter

    Also supported by:

    Technical co-sponsorship


    The event has already occurred! Thank you for your interest and special thanks if you participated!


    Please send any questions to: questions_vts(at)atnog(dot)av(dot)it(dot)pt